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Special Brief n°82,
in tribute to
Jean-Pierre Michel

March 25, 2021

On January 24, Jean-Pierre Michel passed away. A week before his hospitalization, Jean-Pierre joined us for the Board of Directors, arrived early, happy to share with everyone and then bring his expertise to the meeting. He chose with us the date for our next meeting, in 2021. His disease tragically took him too soon.  


This Brief would like to share with each of you, how Jean-Pierre Michel chose to live his life, sharing experiences with all of us every day, in our popular Parisian neighborhood, touching the lives of many from diverse cultures, celebrating our citizens in all their diversity, difficulties and talents, particularly Parisian youth. 


What beautiful simple moments, etched in our memories. Here are the testimonies of the young people he was able to accompany and help to succeed:  


“I had the honor of meeting Jean-Pierre Michel during my law studies. For two years, I had the chance to learn, to discover, to dive into my studies with him. I had the opportunity to visit the Senate with Mohamed, another student from AJE-Paris, and Jean-Pierre was our guide. Thanks to him, this visit was extremely enriching. I will never forget it.” 


Sabrina HATRI, Vice-President of the Youth Council and student in DUT 



“It is with great sadness that I learned of the loss of our friend Jean-Pierre Michel. He was a great man, fair, honest and brilliant. A truly committed man, both politically and within our association, his social vision and his fight for equality inspire us. His death particularly affects me, because I had the chance to learn and grow alongside him throughout my law studies. A true mentor, his outspokenness, his sympathy and his big smile will be greatly missed, even more than his intelligence and his immense cultural knowledge. 


All of AJE-Paris and I join together to express our most sincere condolences to his wife, his family and his loved ones.  


Mohamed SADALLAH, President of the Youth Council and Master student 


In addition to the precious help he gave to the young people of AJE-Paris, the wise advice he gave to the members of the team and to the Board of Directors of the association was of great importance. His contributions were crucial to the decision-making process.

Here are the testimonies of the members of the team who valued him, even more than for his opinions, for his character, humble and always present for his colleagues:  



“I met Jean-Pierre during our regular meetings with the Board of Directors of AJE-Paris. Generosity, magnanimity and graciousness were his strongest traits. Beyond his invaluable help in expanding the association, I will remember him for the deep sense of humanity that he instilled within the association. For this, we were, we are and we will remain obliged to him.” 


Himed Guessoum, President of AJE-Paris 


“Jean-Pierre Michel was a very involved volunteer within AJE-Paris, who out of concern for his neighbor, took his time to reach out. His availability and his pedagogy have been invaluable to the young people of the association, having enabled them to progress in the field of law. 


His help with oral expression workshops and written training has been beneficial and a decisive support for high school students in obtaining the baccalaureate and for law students in obtaining their degree.  


As a member of the Board of Directors, his critical spirit and open-mindedness have encouraged the diversity of educational activities and the emergence of new ideas.” 


Gérald Théodet, Deputy Director 



“Jean-Pierre-Michel was helpful, sociable, open and generous. He led a law workshop every Saturday with two young people, gave them confidence and encouraged their fluency in writing and speaking. 


He was a very simple and attentive man. He also gave his time to help young people in difficult situations. He knew how to talk to them and give them a taste for life. He always created a good atmosphere at AJE-Paris.  


He was always present on the Board of Directors to support and improve the association. 

I will never forget his invitation and his warm welcome, on October 4, 2019 at the Town Hall for the 20th anniversary of the PACS (contract of civil union which was legalized partly thanks to the efforts of Jean-Pierre-Michel) that he defended before the High Assembly as a Senator. 


Time passed, Jean-Pierre remained courageous, despite his illness and fatigue and wanted to come and greet the team and socialize with the young people.” 


Manel BESBES, reception and administration manager 



“A great speaker, the discussions with Jean-Pierre Michel were fascinating and enlightening. His regard, his frankness and his benevolence have deeply marked the spirits and will remain in our memories. I remember his speech at the Town Hall for the 20th anniversary of the PACS. 


Activist and humanist, his proximity to the young people and the members of the team allowed him, more than to share, to transmit his experience to us.” 

Cédric Milachon, Manager and Mediator 


“Jean-Pierre Michel, whom I had the honor of meeting on several occasions, was an open, benevolent and luminous man in the face of his interlocutor, a man of rights, full of humanity.


From now on our eyes will seek you and your memories will continue to filll our thoughts. Like those moments, when leaning on the table, we discussed political news. Moments of exchange rich in lessons that ended up creating a crowd around you. 

Decidedly, life has decided your departure and we must say goodbye to you. Rest in peace Jean-Pierre.” 


Hervé EPONGO, Head of the 14th and Mediator  



We lived a beautiful story, sharing a very simple moment in the history of our country. It was on the initiative of George Pau-Langevin, then deputy for Paris and also Minister of Educational Success for the French overseas departments, who was particularly attentive to the association and the young people who frequented it, and Jean Bourdeau, her Parliamentary Assistant in contact with us on a daily basis.


Indeed, they introduced us to a mutual friend, likely to strengthen the Board of Directors, Jean-Pierre Michel. 


We were surprised and particularly honored by this proposal; however, the association, beyond being situated in underprivileged districts of the city, had neither the reputation nor the resources to enjoy the support of someone like Jean-Pierre!


Or so we thought! The previous testimonials reflect how much Jean-Pierre has become a person, familiar, happy, humble, another member of our community. He shared with everyone his skills, his vivacity, his playfulness, from the youngest to the seniors. Without ever imposing himself, he responded to any request for support or advice when he felt able to do so, often working one-on-one with students. 

He also enjoyed sharing and commenting on the news, awakening or reinforcing a taste for public affairs, good-natured debate, diving deeper beyond an artificial understanding of our society: what testimony and what educational training, for young people, for us too, the Team.  


He has become the Friend of the association, the Friend of each and every one of us.


Thank you George, thank you Jean, for this shared treasure. 


Jean-Maurice, Director of AJE-Paris 

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