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Dear Network,

On June 29, 2021, Mr. Auvigne, Principal of the Lycée Erik Satie, invited Mr. Jean-Marc Boursier representing the Fondation Boursier and AJE-Paris to a meeting as part of the Fondation Boursier's support for the students of the Lycée Erik Satie.


At this moment of sharing, joined Mrs. Petitet, CPE, Mrs. Anais Cornfield, professor of history and geography and Mrs. Marie Boucaud, main teacher of the UPE2A, and the 3rd UPE2A. In addition, Boubacary Drame, a former 3rd UPE2A student now in his final year, still accompanied by AJE-Paris, came to testify to the impact of this partnership for him and his classmates.


For AJE-Paris, the partnership with the Erik Satie high school is emblematic of the mission of the “complementary association for public education” that it is.This is why it was represented in its different components:


Tristan Sadeghi, Member of the Board of Directors, Gérald Théodet, Deputy Director, Hervé Epongo, Head of the 14th, Cédiric Milachon, Mediator for the 20th, Noêl Djagbo, Vice-president of the Youth Council, Eloge Tra, Leader for the 14th and Youssouf Karcossy, in Civic Service for the 14th.


We would like to greet Mr. Jean-Marc Boursier and thank him for coming to meet the college students who have benefited from the Foundation's support. And with him, on the Conviviality Honor Roll, Mr. Auvigne!


At the end of this meeting, the Fondation Boursier, the Lycée Erik Satie and the AJE-Paris continue to travel together in order to perpetuate the actions initiated!

Rencontre du 29 juin 2021

Rencontre du 29 juin 2021

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Thank you and Congratulations to Naïm, Noël, and of course, Hervé for this very beautiful moment lived and the realization of this page.

Fortunately for all of us, there is this exceptional solidarity that springs up and gives us hope!

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