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Olympiads Professions

date ofpublication : June 4, 2021

Dear Network,

At the start of the summer weather, the AJE-Paris of Porte de Vanves was invited by the Town Hall of the 14th arrondissement to take part in the Olympiades des Métiers, on Saturday May 29 at the Stade Jules Noël.

The purpose of these Trades Olympiads is to introduce a range of trades related to the sports sector and to offer its participants offers of civic services, training courses and job offers.

During this convivial outing around sport, workshops were organized in several areas: martial arts, basketball, football, skateboarding, table tennis as well as disabled sports.

It was a great afternoon of sharing and discovery between the various associations present and the sports clubs.

We especially congratulate Marc Coelho  from the Local Development Team of Porte de Vanves and Aurelien Lesne, Youth Advisor for the South of Paris, for this initiative. Thank you Noel Djagbo, Vice-president of the Youth Council, for your support of the group AJE-Paris!


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