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We had the chance to visit the Ecodair site in Paris, a Solidarity Company of Social Utility like AJE-Paris.

It is made up of workers and employees divided into 3 divisions, ESAT, Adapted Company, and Integration Company. Ecodair ensures the collection of computing equipment and repairs equipment using recycled materials in addition to offering computer maintenance services.

Ecodair's work makes it possible to:

- Give new life to IT equipment,

- Participate in the circular economy,

- Employ people in difficult or vulnerable conditions,

- And ensure a broader social mission by making IT and digital accessible to all, through reconditioning and re-commerce, a new term designating the marketing of used products intended to be reconditioned, for reuse.


Ecodair and AJE-Paris share the same values such as solidarity, equal opportunities and co-construction with those of us who are talented and socially or financially vulnerable. Thus, with the APPOS Foundation, Ecodair has made high-end computers available to help AJE-Paris in its global support mission and has helped students in the 4th and 5th years after the Baccalaureate who have to use complex virtual software.

Interview with Christophe Le Sénéchal,

Sales executive at Ecodair.

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