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The main mission of the Stanislas high school and the Stanislas Foundation for Education is in full harmony with that of the Youth Education Association, AJE-Paris. An education at Stanislas allows you to develop your talents in a spirit of responsibility and solidarity.

In 2019 - 2020, a dozen high school students from the Ozanam center of Stanislas high school joined our association, working weekly in-person and then remotely, while receiving financial support. They have helped AJE-Paris by offering academic support and by participating in various workshops. 

The mission of supporting young people to develop autonomy and achieve academic and professional success was strongly impacted by the lack of in-person attendance following the COVID-19 pandemic. This is why the real and constant commitment of the students of the Ozanam program, particularly via video conference, was very important to our mission. 

Through this assistance, students aimed to cultivate a strong work ethic, especially in these difficult social conditions. This goal was accomplished and our efforts continue today as we adapt to the realities of each young person we accompany. 

It is appropriate to rejoice and warmly thank each and every one of these students as well as the adults who make such actions possible.

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