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About us 

One identity

Founded in 1999, the Youth Education Association of Paris is a secular and non-denominational non-profit organization. A group of inspired teachers, business executives, and an entrepreneur founded AJE in order to fulfill the goal of providing personalized and comprehensive assistance to youth from the age of seven to thirty years old. What are the concrete actions that AJE proposes? And more specifically, what does AJE provide for young people?


It is undeniable that every young person possesses multiple talents, talents that he or she sometimes does not even realize, regardless of his or her academic level. AJE proposes assistance for students who are struggling academically or additional intellectual enrichment for those who are already confident in their scholarly abilities. AJE also offers student guidance which includes professional development and assistance outside of academics as well as extracurricular activities such as theater workshops and cultural outings. This academic, professional, and extracurricular support builds social connections between fellow students and between students and the various actors who contribute to AJE. More information can be found in the “What we do” tab.

Thus, AJE prioritizes student enrichment by providing students with new knowledge and skills while also prioritizing students as individuals. In order to help students as effectively as possible, it is important to remember that every individual is unique, that all of us have different abilities and a particular way of thinking. 


As such, in order to transmit knowledge in the best way possible, we must know the students whom we teach. Hence the importance of our guidance, of the link that is created between young people and the various AJE employees. What is most important is to create a setting and an atmosphere that is different from the typical educational establishment to ensure that AJE is a complement, an enrichment, rather than a simple reproduction of the same academic experience students receive at school. 


AJE therefore ambitiously strives to provide young people with “Assistance” (with a capital A). In order to accomplish this goal, AJE does not work alone, but rather collaborates with other partners. With the help of this tight-knit community, AJE seeks to build a citizen-solidarity project, with education, culture, and employability as its primary social goals.


Do not hesitate to explore our website in order to learn more about what we do, our contributors, our partners, recent events, and much more! 

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